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Custom Web Site Design

Need a web site and don't know how to make one? Already have one but need an upgrade? Tired of your web presence being a social media page that looks and works like everyone else's, and now you want something unique? Tried out all the site builders and just can't get the look you want? When you want a custom look, and canned options just aren't enough, I can help. See my portfolio for examples.

WordPress: The Basics and Beyond

Want to use WordPress? Maybe you already do and now want to sell things on your site? Already tried 200 themes and just can't find one you like? I customize themes to get the look you want. Fiddling with hundreds of options, but still can't get your site to do what you want? Want to do something on your WordPress site but don't know how? I can help. My portfolio includes WordPress sites, some with unique features and all with a custom look.

Email on Your Own Domain Name

You might use email from Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, or other 'free' services. Remember, if you're getting a service for free, you are the product. Many people are tired of services that don't work like they'd like, arbitrarily change at any time, and violate their privacy. Ready to exit the ever-changing horror show of 'free' services? If you want to own your own email, I can set you up with as many email accounts as you need on your own domain name.

Editing, Wordsmithing, and SEO

Have some words worked up but need an editor? Want to say something but just can't find the right words? Is English not your forte? Clear and concise writing has long been my specialty. Can't figure out what to write for your audience so they can search and find you? Despite what SEO 'experts' say, remember that Google says to write for people, not search engines. From editing to wordsmithing to SEO, I can help.


I've created Web sites for a diversity of clients: energy and transportation consultants, estate sale managers, restaurateurs, artists and artisans, photographers, art galleries and appraisers, manufacturers, musicians and bands, book distributors, fashion and graphic designers, and nonprofit organizations. Below are a few:


I’m not the typical Web designer because I have a multidisciplinary background that includes art, engineering, software development, writing, sales, photography, and technical publishing (for things like aircraft user manuals). This varied experience allows me to quickly understand your business or organization.

With over 25 years of experience using a wide range of software on UNIX, Linux, Mac, and Windows computers along with Apple and Android mobile devices, I’m comfortable with digital technology. I use a variety of software tools to quickly create Web sites that will work on today’s and tomorrow’s browsers and devices. The specific tools are not as important as the understanding of the concepts that lie behind them. Tools come and go but concepts remain.

Depending on project size and time frame, I draw as needed on my network of skilled professionals (copy editors, graphic artists, marketing specialists, programmers, database experts, audio and video experts, and more) who apply their talents to your site.

Founded in Denver and now based in Lakewood, Colorado, Claro Systems has been in business since 1997.


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