About Claro Systems

I’m not the typical Web designer and developer because I have a multidisciplinary background that includes art, engineering, software development, writing, sales, photography, and technical publishing (the user manuals for things like kidney dialysis machines and the space shuttle). This varied experience allows me to quickly understand your business or organization.

With over 25 years of experience using a wide range of software on UNIX, Linux, Mac, and Windows computers, along with Apple and Android mobile devices, I’m completely comfortable with digital technology. I use a variety of software tools to quickly create Web sites that will work on today’s and tomorrow’s browsers and devices. The specific tools are not as important as the understanding of the concepts that lie behind them. Tools come and go but concepts remain. To keep from becoming fossilized in outlook and capability, I keep abreast of changes in Web technology and continually update my skill set.

Founded in Denver, and now in Lakewood, Colorado, Claro Systems has been in business since 1997.

Why Choose Claro Systems?

I’ve worked with large and small organizations in both the public and private sectors. Many times project requirements are not well defined, so I’m very used to taking the time to help you clearly define them. I ask questions and listen carefully to your answers to gain an in-depth understanding of your business, your requirements, and your audience. This ensures a Web site that best meets your needs. I can build a site on-the-fly while requirements are being solidified, but it always takes more time than if the requirements are defined up front. However, sometimes the requirements are not known in advance, so different prototypes can help solidify them. That choice is yours.

Depending on project size and time frame, I draw as needed on a skilled network of Web professionals (editors, graphic artists, marketing specialists, database experts, programmers, and more) who apply their talents to your site.